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The continuing musical landscape of phil spirito's brain Is xmas tomorrow?
With our usual blend of orchestrated folk weirdness and not so great timing we are back barely in time for the holidays with a melancholy record just sad enough for the season. This EP compiles five versions of the song "is xmas tomorrow". One version is from the oRSo album my dreams are back and they are better than ever ; the rest are varied and eclectic versions from all ends of the sonic spectrum including one comprised solely of vocals and strings. The last song on this festive mini record is a cover of Evans and Livingston's "Silver Bells". All you need is a roasting fire and this record would be a real family sing along. We put this cd together to accompany Arthur Pembleton's Gallery opening for his documentary journey and tribute to his mother's memory through pictures and video. The song is xmas tomorrow was originally written as a tribute to Phyllis Eccles Pembleton who suffered from dementia and upon waking would frequently ask "Is it Christmas tomorrow...?" Phyllis passed away on January 26, 2001 and when her son Arthur received Momma's ashes, he started a project documenting his travels with her urn in photos and video. Please check out his web site for more details the dead momma So head on over to our merch page and send an email to place an order. You can Pay by paypal it's very easy. Remember if it's past xmas don't worry. This EP is not really in the spirit of anyones xmas but oRSo's so you can enjoy it anytime. We'll be back after the new year with a Giant update. Including news about the oRSo movie, the new recordings and some day maybe even a kids musical book.

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